Flu and Cold Relief with Elderberry

Winter’s blowing in, and soon, the flu and the common cold are going to be wreaking havoc on our already vulnerable immune systems. With COVID-19 and the Omicron variant restrictions relaxing and winter festivities and holidays just on the horizon, it’s time to stock up on flu and cold medicine to ensure you don’t get taken off any guest lists. Flu and Cold Relief with Elderberry is a great choice this season to get you back up and running fast, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.  
Uses & Benefits
Made with Elderberry. Due to its antiviral properties, elderberry has been a natural remedy in traditional medicine for centuries and for good reason. It’s been known to be highly successful in treating both the common cold and the flu. Clinical trials done by the U.S. National Library of Medicine have shown that the use of elderberry extract syrups has relieved symptoms on average four days earlier than a placebo. Beyond the common cold and influenza, Elderberry has also been said to treat constipation, sinus infections, hay fever, and toothaches. 
Lowers stress. Flu and Cold Relief doesn’t just relieve cold and flu symptoms, it’s also a great stressreliever. The reprieve from harsh symptoms can help reduce stress on the body and immune system, leaving you more energized and making sleep easier. Additionally, due to its rich source of polyphenols, elderberry is a strong antioxidant, which can significantly reduce stress.  
Boosts immunity. Due to the elderberry extract, Flu and Cold Relief is rich in flavonoids and vitamin C, both antioxidants that can strengthen and support your immune system. Flavonoids and Vitamin C will work together with Flu and Cold Relief to protect your immune system from harmful chemicals called free radicals while reinforcing your body’s natural defenses, so you can stay strong and healthy all season long. 
Exerts anti-inflammatory effects. The common cold is caused by the inflammation of membranes within the nose and the throat. This inflammation is the cause of sneezing, sore throats, and even blocked and leaky noses. By tempering the body’s immune system, Flu and Cold Relief exhibit an anti-inflammatory response to reduce swelling and pain in these core areas. Relieving inflammation in the nose and the sinuses can reduce swelling and ease sinus pressure and other symptoms for an easier, more manageable sick day. 
Cancer and Heart Disease prevention. Free radicals are dangerous molecules in our bodies that can attack and cause damage to our cells. The damage to our cells can lead to the development of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The antioxidants in Flu and Cold Relief work to bind to and neutralize these molecules to prevent them from providing further damage to our cells, reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. 
Flu and Cold Relief acts as both a treatment and a preventative device, combining contemporary and traditional medicine to create the perfect supplement to make this cold and flu season easier. 

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