How to choose :Seamoss Capules vs. Seamoss Gel ?

Seamoss Capsules or Seamoss Gel, what's your preference?

In the world of nutrient-packed superfoods, Seamoss stands out as a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins essential for overall health. As enthusiasts explore various consumption methods, two popular choices emerge: Seamoss in gel form, obtained through blending, and Seamoss in convenient capsule form. Each option offers distinct advantages, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Blending Seamoss into a gel presents a dynamic and versatile approach. This method involves soaking the dried Seamoss, then blending it into a smooth, jelly-like consistency.

The resulting gel can be easily incorporated into smoothies, beverages, or even used as a culinary ingredient. This form preserves the raw, natural state of Seamoss, ensuring a rich concentration of nutrients.

   Making the Gel


  1. Making the Seamoss Gel at home.
  2. Using Seamoss Gel for Skin as well as consumption
  3. .Flavors can be added to the Gel.


  1. Raw Seamoss has be cleaned and soaked over night 
  2. Has to be refrigerated at all times when not being consumed 
  3. Shelf like is approximately 20-25 Days 

On the other hand, Seamoss capsules provide a convenient and efficient alternative. Encapsulating Seamoss extracts into pill form extends its shelf life, offering a remarkable benefit with a two-year duration. This longevity eliminates concerns about spoilage and allows users to seamlessly integrate Seamoss into their daily routine without the need for refrigeration or frequent preparation.

The capsule form's extended shelf life enhances accessibility, making Seamoss capsules an ideal choice for those with busy lifestyles or limited access to fresh produce. This durability ensures that the nutritional potency remains intact, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Seamoss consistently over an extended period.

Taking the Capsules


  1. Shelf life of East River Wellness Seamoss capsules are 24 months.
  2. You can travel with Capsules.
  3. High potency , two capsules of ours equates about six teaspoons of Gel Seamoss.


  1. May have a hard time swallowing capsules.
  2. Possibility of over consumption  , recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules daily.

Both Seamoss gel and capsules share common advantages, such as supporting thyroid function, promoting healthy digestion, and boosting immune health. However, the choice between the two hinges on individual preferences, convenience, and the importance of shelf life. Whether you opt for the culinary versatility of Seamoss gel or the prolonged convenience of capsules, integrating Seamoss into your daily routine is a step towards harnessing the boundless benefits of this remarkable sea vegetable.

Let's settle the debate : We believe CAPSULES are effectively method of consuming Seamoss working instantaneously producing a 100 % bioavailability. Ultimately is up to your preference and what works for your body.

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