Superior Hair Growth and the Importance of Hair Maintenance

Superior Hair Growth is a natural supplement that promotes healthy hair growth and lowers the rate of hair loss and thinning. Hair loss is caused by your hair follicles (the structure in your skin that hair grows from) shrinking and eventually being unable to grow hair. Hair loss can simply be genetic and unavoidable, or it can be caused by the autoimmune disorder, alopecia.
Hair loss can also be caused by bad maintenance and hair care practices, making your hair care routine more important than ever. Failing to take care of your hair and provide it with the nutrients it needs can result in premature hair loss as young as your early twenties. 
Superior Hair Growth aims to make hair care easier, by providing you with all the natural vitamins and nutrients your hair needs. Beyond promoting hair growth, Superior Hair Growth also strengthens and refortifies the hair you have for stronger, thicker, and healthier hair.
Uses & Benefits
Made with bhringraj, saw palmetto, and biotin. Bhringraj, saw palmetto, and biotin are popular remedies for hair health. Bhringraj is a traditional oil and medicinal remedy from India. It’s said to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, and increase the thickness and shine of the hair. It’s even believed to stop premature graying. 
Saw palmetto is a type of palm tree whose fruit has many medicinal properties. The plant is known for promising follicle growth and reducing scalp inflammation, which is known to damage hair follicles. 
Biotin is perhaps the most popular hair growth vitamin on the market. Biotin is found only in foods and isn’t naturally occurring in the body. A biotin deficiency can cause hair thinning, so it’s important to make sure you’re feeding your body with the nutrient. Biotin stimulates keratin (a protein that strengthens and protects your hair) production and increases follicle growth.
Rich in vitamin D & E. Vitamin D plays an important role in the production of new hair follicles, increasing hair growth and thickness, and strengthening already existing follicles, protecting old growth from falling out. Vitamin E is essential for scalp health. Vitamin E is known to increase capillary circulation. The stimulation of blood to the scalp helps increase hair growth.  
All of these vitamins and nutrients are essential to your hair and scalp health, and the benefits of each of them for hair alone are staggering. Superior Hair Growth combines the effects of these naturally occurring remedies into a singular product, making it easier to take care of your hair without an increase in routine. 
Superior Hair Growth doesn’t only slow hereditary hair loss and promote hair growth, it can also treat alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicles and results in the excessive falling out of hair in large clumps, leaving your scalp patchy and bald in places. Many of the supplements in Superior Hair Growth strengthen your hair follicles and can protect them from attack and encourage quicker hair growth for preexisting baldness.

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